Welcome to Cybertown

The following is an amalgamation of data from Different sources

A Backup of Cybertown's Database from December 2011
A Backup of Cybertown's http files from earlier (around 2006)
The Internet Archive
Private Collections
A reconfiguration of Blaxxun Platform 4.1 & 6
A rewrite of the Blaxxun Platform Database Engine to support MySQL

Unfortunately, most Objects and Avatars are missing. The entire dbobjects directory structure is missing and most Avatars were hosted on external sites such as Angelfire which no longer exist. Surprisingly, Most worlds are viewable on Windows 10 using Blaxxun Contact in IE with Compatability mode enabled.

If have some of the missing Assets or are interested in helping with the recovery effort, please get in touch with us on discord here or by emailing info@cybertown.nz

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An effort is currently underway to bring Cybertown into the modern web using HTML5 and WebGL while maintaining the classic look and feel. Currently this project is in the very early stages however you can view the nightly progress at https://beta.cybertown.nz